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Good quality healthcare services are one of the most important requirements in India. However, there has been a complete lack of focus on Preventive Health Care in India. Considering the need to provide quality health care across the nation Cognate Health Services has come with an aim to make healthcare accessible and more affordable to the general population of India. Cognate Health Services strives to serve the Indian population with tailor made health care services, which can be utilized by the young, adults, working professionals and the elderly.

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"This was the first time in my life that I had gone for an extensive checkup of my whole body and I could not have chosen a better facilitator than Cognate Health Services. Their representative was with me throughout the day and made sure that the tests were completed at the earliest. The hospitality accorded to me truly made my day.''

Ramesh Yadav

"I took the health checkup package for my mother. The experience at the hospital was incredible. The staff was extremely courteous and made sure that there was no waiting time. The price of the package, the same day delivery of report and the useful doctor counselling made sure that the experience was memorable for me and my mother''.

Ishwar Yadav

"The overall experience was excellent and the test package was extensive. After the doctor’s counselling session, I understood what life style changes I need to make to lead a happy and healthy life. Thank you Cognate Health Services.for showing me the right way. I will definitely make sure that my loved ones also undergo these tests.''




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